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gives you an extensive toolkit for structuring and administering your projects.

You may define project-specific stages (e.g. Bidding, construction) and partial goals (e.g. components, individual buildings) with unique configurations. Individual roles and responsibilities can be delegated separately for every part of your project..

All responsibilities are managed through the definition of project participations. A project participant is defined as a company or organisation contributing to the project who can be assigned to multiple roles (such as reviewers, planners, technical experts etc.). These roles are exercised by individual employees of these organisations, who each get granted individual user access to the platform.

The entirety of objects which make up a project are managed over an object-list, which is provided with an extensive version-control. Every time a version is approved, it must be signed by the participant issuing the submission, providing full transparency and traceability.

Test-sheets give you full control over the assignment of project participants to tasks and events in the review process. It also gives you maximum flexibility, as you are able to define various review-scenarios for every object.

Plans and associated deadlines for delivery are organized within the plan- delivery catalogue, which automatically assigns anique number to each
Plannummeruploaded plan. Plan numbering systems are freely configurable for each project, so as to optimally support your native numbering scheme.
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The key feature of c.des is the highly customisable review process. It allows you to implement virtually any reviewing scheme, no matter how complex it may be.
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When a new plan is uploaded to the platform, the review cycle is initialized. All tasks for the concerned participants (like scheduled reviews or plotting orders) are generated automatically, as well as e-mailed notifications. The intelligent upload wizard helps minimize human errors by analyzing the uploaded files on the fly and immediately presenting the user with a rendered preview. more >>

AufgabenstatusReview and Release
For reviewers, the review process has never been easier. All scheduled tasks are presented on one page, ranked by priority. The schedule of every task is visualized on a timeline, so the current status can be assessed at a glance.
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PlanviewerReviewing is further assisted by an extensive toolkit designed especially for their needs. Most notably, an online viewer makes plans visible directly inside the browser, in the style well known from popular map browsing services, without the need for any additional software. The viewer also makes comparison between plan versions simpler than ever, by providing an intuitive overlay option.
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All reviews and conclusive releases of plans are verified by a digital signature, making the review process transparent and giving direct feedback to the planners while complying to security and legal issues.

Prüfprotokoll Redlining Commentary to reviews can be made in writing within the review protocol, and as graphical annotations (redlining) on the plan itself.

All previous reviews are visible to reviewers during the audit process, to facilitate collaboration and add transparency.
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c.des provides project control with a helpful set of tools for supervising a project's schedule.
The project status overview gives project managers in-depth information about the projects current status, so that delays are found quickly and counter-measures can be employed..

The entire history of a plan and its revisions is displayed in the c.des review protocol. All review results are listed chronologically with the reviewers (digital) signature and time of review. Discrepancies between planned and actual schedule are displayed graphically on a timeline. The presence of well documented hard facts makes resolving disputes amongst project members a lot easier. more >>

A valuable feature of c.des is the ability to recognize plan headers, allowing the platform automatically place specified information on the uploaded plan..

This makes it unnecessary to upload a new released version of a plan, because c.des can insert information like review- and release-signatures into the plan online.

c.des actively supports the integration of plotting studios in projects. The studio gets notified of new printing tasks and is required to sign its completion. The receiver can confirm the reception of ordered plans on the platform too, so full transparency is provided. more >>

Projects can be set to read-only mode. This can be especially useful at the end of a project, to provide all plans for download, while involuntary uploads are prohibited.

c.des provides support for archiving projects. An archived project keeps all related data intact, and can be filed onto one storage medium (e.g. a DVD). more >>

Initializing a Project
The results from the planning phase of a project are the base for project initialisation in c.des, which aims at implementing these as accurately as possible.

From Review to Completion
c.des offers full control over coordination between project participants and resources, to make sure your project is a success.

Full Control
c.des provides seamless control over the project status at all times. With integrated reporting, information on the project's progress can be collected and distributed easily. Full flexibility included.

From beginning to end
To provide complete accessibility while preventing manipulation, a project can be set read-only. When all is done, a full copy can be filed to any storage medium you want, with full access to all the data.
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