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Administration and structuring of projects
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The network administrator creates a new project and then transfers the responsibilities to a project coordinator for further administration.

Standard use-cases are the definition of project-specific stages (e.g. Bidding, construction) and partial goals (e.g. components, individual buildings) with unique configurations. Individual roles and responsibilities can be delegated separately for every part of a project.

All responsibilities are managed through the definition of project participations. A project participant is defined as a company or organisation contributing to the project who can be assigned to multiple roles (such as reviewers, planners, technical experts etc.). These roles are exercised by individual employees of these organisations, who each get granted individual user access to the platform.

The Object-list
The entirety of objects which make up a project are collected in the object-list.


The Plan delivery catalogue
The plan delivery catalogue is comprised of all plans which are to be created in a project and is produced by the planers concerned. It also organises the scheduling negotiation between planers and building companies. The catalogue provides a mapping from plans to objects, and uploaded plans are automatically filed in the defined system and assigned a unique plan number.

The Plan numbering scheme

Plan numbers on the platform are defined by modular templates, which consist of two main parts, one describing the document and another the
The document-specific part is comprised of multiple parts, each of which is freely configurable in the numbering scheme.
The version-specific part is defined by and bound to the review cycle. It is split into a part which is determined by the project stage, and a revision counter.

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The Object-list and the plan delivery catalogue are provided with an extensive version-control. Every time a version is approved, it must be signed by the participant issuing the submission. Previous versions stay fully accessible, so as to provide a full transparent and traceable documentation.
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