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The review status list visualizes the current condition of the review process and gives an overview of completed and uncompleted tasks. Details are presented in a pop-up window when the mouse is moved over a timeline. Key information (e.g. current status, schedule) is also displayed in text form.


The graph shows a timeline for a period of 60 days, 30 before and 30 after the current date.
The entire review process is displayed as a series of nodes, whereby completed nodes are shown on the left of the current day, and future items on the right. The size of the individual nodes is determined by the assigned working days.

The position of the nodes relative to the current day marker shows the time to it's deadline or the amount of days by which it is delayed (which is highlighted red).

Detailed visualization
The present review situation of a plan (and it's revisions) is shown graphically in full detail in the review protocol. All events, such as uploads of new versions or completed reviews are displayed with the names of the users concerned, at the dates on which they occurred. Each event is depicted by distinguished symbols, as are positive or negative review decisions, etc.


If deadlines are defined for a specific review cycle, the planned schedule is displayed in correlation to the actual situation. All nodes in question are displayed, put in relation by a calendar timeline.

The individual review nodes within one phase are shown as coloured blocks. The review phases are easily distinguished by differing colours and shapes.

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No information about the review cycle is available, the current node is delayed by nine days.

The review cycle is on time, the deadline for the current node is in two days.
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