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Review Cycle Templates
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The possibility of defining review cycle templates is the key feature of c.des. It allows you to depict all elements of your workflow, such as dependencies, branches and conditions. The system administrator for your project can define as many templates as you wish, ranging in complexity from simple (e.g. surveys) to highly complex (e.g. construction).

The steps to producing a review cycle template are:
1. a review scheme is created by adding phases (aka. cells) modularly
2. a phase consists of one or more nodes
3. dependencies between nodes can be assembled with freely defined rules

Review nodes share these attributes:
• type – simple serial, or with parallel review positions (matrix)
• allow redlining
• a role type – controls which project participants may be added to the test       sheet later on
• review options – customisable decisions and their consequences

Other node configuration options:
Random sampling
Review nodes can be configured to be unbound to the review cycle and optional, to allow arbitrary reviewing of plans.
Unchecked passing
Tasks with the same result options can be bundled and waved through without detailed examination.
Optional reviewers
Planners can be given the option to invite additional reviewers for assessment of specific subject areas.
Additional explanations
Planners can be required to make a statement on the current upload (e.g. to clarify differences to previous versions, etc.)
Comment on Reviews
Reviewers and planners are able to view and comment on all previous reviews and comments.
Events can be added to the beginning or end of every review node.


Beispiel eines komplexen Prüflaufs Prüflauf schematisch

The designated time for reviewing can be configured individually for every node. The time is measured in work-days (Monday to Friday). For calculations weekends, bank holidays and project specific free days are taken into account. The individual responsibilities for reviewing and releasing are defined in the test-sheets by the project administrator.

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Prüflauf Prozess

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