C-des Internetplattform

c.des c.des is a web-based service for design coordination (management)
Designed for managing middle-sized to large building projects with focus on process-driven plan reviewing.

Target group:
Public and private organisations or companies working on infrastructural development, building contractors, engineers and architects.
Primary goal:
To ensure the guaranteed quality of a product (building) by providing the tools to manage all associated activities and resources as one process.
Cost reduction:
By giving you the tools to manage your project's quality control efficiently, c.des enables you to reduce production costs substantially.

c.des helps to bring all project participants together and makes them active members of the planning process to get your project forward.

Reduce mistakes:
By enhancing interdisciplinary communication, many mistakes can be avoided even before they happen.

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EN ISO 9000ff

is especially useful as a key component of an ISO 9000 quality management system..

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