Plan archive

The aim of plan archiving is to export completed c.des projects from the production instance and make them available on distributable data media.

In the case of a SAAS license, the contractual relationship can then be terminated. The project then goes offline, but its essential data sets are available offline.

Creation of plan archive

The plan archive can be created at any time.

The following c.des options are offered:

  • Control the scope of the plan archive using the filter in the plan directory
  • Document version: only the latest version or including all historical versions
  • With or without test history (test reports in PDF version)
  • File format: original file format, converted to PDF or both formats

The archive is made available for download in a zip archive. The plans and documents are stored in a defined folder structure. An HTML page is automatically generated for each archive. You can use this to filter and search the archive offline, similar to the plan directory.