Serverhousing by ISO 27001 certified Internetprovider

With the SaaS license model (Software as a service), the software is provided as a service by the company ev-i Informationstechnologie GmbH.

  • Access is via the domain.
  • Each customer has their own virtual instance, which can be reached via a c.des subdomain (e.g.
  • Optionally, this can also be done via the company domain (e.g. In this case, an appropriate SSL certificate must be provided.
  • The virtual instances are operated and managed in a professional server housing with appropriate data security and availability by our ISO 27001 certified IT partner.
  • The virtual instances can be customized to the customer’s CI (logo, color) upon request.
  • The costs are calculated monthly according to our cost model and usually billed quarterly. They end with the completion of the project (use of the platform).

Cost model:

Our cost model is based on the number of plans/documents uploaded, not the number of users, as most competitors do. The monthly costs are calculated based on this size, which can be precisely tracked in the platform. Only plans/documents uploaded by the planner and their revisions are taken into account, i.e. no file attachments, original plans, etc.

After the project has been completed, the entire data set (plans, test reports, attachments) can be archived and made available offline on DVD (plan directory with filter and sorting functionality).

SaaS (Software as a Service) im Überblick | Vor- und Nachteile - IONOS

The monthly license fee includes the services

  • SaaS software license for the software package c.des concurrent design
  • Software maintenance
  • Third-level support (problem-oriented consulting)
  • Hosting (server housing, server, data backup)

The monthly upload statistics can be downloaded and viewed from the platform by the administrator at any time.

In addition to the SaaS license model, we also offer the purchase of a restricted or unrestricted work usage license if c.des is to be installed and operated on the company’s own server infrastructure, for example.